uses GitHub Pages as a CDN to serve cachable versions of scripts for development purposes. I set this up so that I'd have public links for my modules and plugins and other opensource scripts that I use. Feel free to use the links below as you would from a CDN. The links serve the latest version and get cachebusted when updated or every 2 days. To add a library, push to the repo's master branch, suggest it here, or ask @ryanve.


Project CDN URI Description
Underscore utils
Yepnope async loader
verge viewport measurements
vibe classList module
aok extensible test suite
elo extendable events API
oi domReady module
dj remixable JavaScript
Modernizr feature detection
Response responsive design tools
ender extendable DOM lib
jeesh ender starter pack
dope HTML5 dataset API
cue <audio> or <video> playlists